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Tooth Eruption & Shedding

Tooth eruption and shedding chart
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Eruption of Primary Teeth (Baby Teeth)

Tooth eruption begins around the age of 6 months and can last until the age of 3 years. During this stage, your child’s gums may be sore and irritable. You can soothe them by gently rubbing the gums with a cold, wet cloth, the back of a cold spoon, or a clean finger.

A child’s upper and lower central teeth are the first to appear, and then other teeth erupt sequentially, moving toward the back of the arch. The exception is the first molars, which typically erupt before the cuspids (canines).

Timing and sequence for the eruption of a child's 20 primary teeth (baby teeth)

The first teeth to erupt are the lower and upper central incisors, which erupt between the ages of 6-12 months.
The next teeth to erupt are the lateral incisors between 9-16 months.
The first molars are typically the next to erupt between 13-19 months.
Between 23-33 months, the second molars are the last to erupt.
Tooth Eruption Shedding

Baby Tooth Shedding

Children typically begin shedding their primary teeth at the age of 6 years, starting with the central incisors and followed about a year later by the lateral incisors. The first molars are shed next, closely followed by the lower canines. The upper canines and both upper and lower second molars are shed last.

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